Orion Data Network

Real-time data, unlimited solutions.

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Orion Security Network

Combined RFID GPS asset tracking and security network. Reduce cost by up to 75% compared to regular GSM \ CDMA solutions. The first fully end to end IoT Low Power Radio Network solution. High value asset tracking, lone worker safety, smart metering and IoT sensors.

Orion Tracking Solutions

Market leading asset tracking devices designed and built in the United Kingdom. NFC have a forged a reputation as pioneers in the asset tracking market worldwide and offer a wide range of both Orion asset tracking devices as well as industry proven OEM products.Read More »

IoT Data Management System

Manage your assets with the award winning NFC IoT data management system. The next generation connectivity platform and N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the M2M marketplace as fully managed end to end turnkey solutions.

Information Powered by Orion

Worldwide Data Network

The Orion Data Network can be installed anywhere around the world to serve the needs of your organization. The technology is simple and powerful, allowing a new cost-effective way to prioritize security and supply chain operations for companies everywhere.

Infinite Applications

Almost any application that requires real-time data tracking can benefit from the Orion Network. Whether it be security or visibility, the hardware and software can be tailored to your company’s specific data tracking needs.

Indefinite Scalability

There are no limitations to the size and scale of the Orion network. The cost-effective technology allows companies, large and small, to utilize asset tracking capabilities. By being flexible, our asset tracking technology allows for scalability across the board for your private data and security network.

Smart Technology

The Orion Data Network is one of the most advanced asset tracking devices available today. Each tag is equipped with the ability to learn the environment and depict a typical behavior for the asset. After a short time understanding the location, unusual behavior can be spotted.

Reduced Costs

Companies around the world are using the Orion network to increase efficiency. By joining Orion, your company could save up to 75% of the cost of comparable technologies. This puts asset tracking solutions within reach of companies in different markets and industries, without compromising on quality or ability.

Smart Data

Orion’s back-end infrastructure continues to evolve to ensure a positive user experience. Over the last decade, the technology has become a suite of API’s and an online asset management system qualified of managing all of your assets. The data can also be partnered with any type of software your company is currently using to maximize your productivity.

Unlimited assets with one platform

The Orion Data Network is one of the most advanced technologies available today. Clients have full control over all of their data with real-time asset visibility.

Diagram illustrating Orion Data Network technology in action.

Comparative Technologies


Up to 10 meters coverage

Wifi networks

Up to 100 meters coverage

Orion network

Up to 10 miles coverage

One platform, unlimited assets

The award winning IoT data management system is the most advanced M2M/IoT connectivity management platform available today. Offering real-time asset visibility whilst providing clients with full control over all aspects of their assets connectivity from billing, to location and bespoke reporting tools.

Orion Markets Served

The Orion Network can be deployed in a wealth of different markets and sectors, Our primary markets of expertise are:

Hospitals & Care Facilities

Prioritize safety and peace of mind by using the Orion Data Network in the care of your loved one. You can monitor your loved one in real time, keeping track of critical data with the ability to outline behavior patterns and pre-empt falls.

Oil, Gas, & Mining

Follow the lead of many other oil and gas supply chain companies around the globe that are already using the Orion Data Network. With low cost, real-time asset visibility assists with operations to diminish unnecessary costs and disruptions. The Orion Data network can be adapted to any existing program for optimum simplicity and success.

Ports, Containers & Global Shipping

Take control of your port security and container tracking with Orion asset tracking technology. Tags can be deployed for real-time asset tracking including temperature, speed, shock, motion, and many other critical data points for security and visibility.

Construction Sites & Industrial Security

Machinery, tools, and supplies keep productivity moving forward. By integrating the Orion Data Network, this equipment can be tracked and monitored for streamlined visibility and security. These tangible benefits can make a huge impact on the finished product with low cost and high efficiency.

Lone Workers Safety & Site Security

Keep your workforce safe with Orion Data Network lone worker solutions. Real-time monitoring, instantaneous man down and SOS alerts, panic buttons, and a direct link to operations, all offer safeguards for employees and team members. Improve productivity and ensure a peace of mind with lone worker security from the Orion Data Network.

Military Assets & NGO Tracking

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Who’s using the Orion network?

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Witness the effectiveness of the Orion Data Network by allowing us to preform an onsite demonstration. We are happy to answer any questions and offer a comprehensive idea of how Orion can benefit you and your business.

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NFC Group North America – about us

NFC are experts in providing asset tracking and security solutions on a global scale. By supplying real time data analytics, NFC have been able to provide insight into complete asset visibility for a number of markets. Proud creators of the award winning Orion Data Network, NFC offer advanced asset tracking and monitoring systems at much lower costs compared to other comparative technologies. The system is a hotspot low power RF security and logistics network, and has been designed to optimise efficiency. The devices configured to the Orion network are easily adapted to satisfy individual security needs.

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